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Assembly line for sale

01 September 2023 Access to and use of the site
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I'd like to use the Pôle network to advertise the sale of an assembly line I designed for GEODIS - PEUGEOT at the SOCHAUX site. This is the assembly line for the rear flaps of current cars produced at GEODIS-PEUGEOT's Sochaux site. This line was in use until July 2023.

This line has been running in 2 and 3-shift operation for 6 years without a hitch. It is used to assemble the rear flaps of Peugeot and Opel cars.

The principle is to place operators at the periphery of the ring, with each one assigned an intervention zone.

The chain has been designed and certified by APAVE, and presents no risk to users.

All the equipment is simple and rustic, with strategies for taking up play, shock resistance, easily replaceable parts and .... protection.

The ring is 50 m long, with a 4 m wide gap in the center.

This industrial tool is very interesting because it is perfectly modular and transformable, with highly adaptable rates and modes of use. It should find a second life on another industrial site, and not necessarily in the automotive sector.

The full description is in the attachment.


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